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Strategic IP Initiatives, Inc. is a technical research firm supporting intellectual property prosecution and licensing teams around the globe. Our team's technical experience includes wireless hardware/software, systems hardware/software, networking hardware/software, cloud deployment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, gaming hardware/software, and semiconductor process and circuits. 
It is our combination of licensing, lab resources, and prosecution experience that differentiates our team. Each of our subject matter expert team members has the invention, technical analysis, and prosecution experience that enables a depth of understanding that can aid our clients' entire IP ecosystem. Our processes are built around cost-effectiveness and ROI. We execute this by gaining a deep insight into our client's needs and using these to inform every decision point in a project. 
Our lab is located in Silicon Valley. We are fortunate to have a close working relationship with equipment providers like Anritsu, which is headquartered 3 miles from our facility. The support they have provided to verify test bench development and provide equipment and access to their engineering talent has been critical to rapidly ramping up unique testing challenges. We have built our facility to have unique 24/7 capabilities providing our subject matter experts with unprecedented productivity. These round-the-clock capabilities have proven useful for our clients and their diverse teams located all around the globe.




Encourage our team to be empathetic and compassionate to those around them while helping our clients make data-driven decisions based on indisputable technical research with an unmatched ROI.

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