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Strategic IP Initiatives, Inc. is a technical intelligence firm supporting intellectual property licensing, litigation, and patent prosecution. We have a unique combination of in-house test lab capabilities, licensing expertise, and brilliant technical minds. Our subject matter experts have evaluated the technical merit of patents and claim charts for decades. We have developed and analyzed thousands of claim charts over the years, many of them withstanding the rigors of litigation. Patents can be worth billions of dollars; experience matters.



Software tools are currently a scorching topic. They are becoming more powerful and useful every day. They are no substitute for experienced subject matter experts putting eyes on patents, but they can be helpful in mining large data sets if used properly. We are fortunate to have brilliant software subject matter experts on our team who deeply understand the state of the art in Generative AI and Large Language Model tools. These tools can significantly enhance productivity and provide insight into big data. We have used many commercially available patent mining tools in the past and continue to evaluate every new player in the market. One serious concern for us is the transparency of how data sets are generated. The reluctance of vendors to disclose their algorithms is understandable, but how could we be confident in the results without that knowledge? Our clients expect actionable data from us.


Another critical concern is data security. Who outside our organization had visibility into what we were researching? It became apparent that most service providers could not appropriately address these issues, and no single tool could provide us with the actionable data our clients demand. As a result, we have partnered with a select group of vendors that can meet our standards for data control and provide data sets that we can trust are accurate.


The next critical step was to take these data sets and create actionable data from them that could be used in licensing and patent prosecution. It is our combination of these tools and our own knowledge of algorithms that enable us to generate unique data sets we call "SIPI Scores". Our SIPI score is designed to be dynamic and unique to each use case (mining, standards, prosecution, etc.). Because our deliverables are regularly claim charts, we are in a unique position to see what works and what doesn't in real time. Our SIPI scores are continuously modified and updated by our team based on our claim charting work. We do not market these tools; they are not for use by external organizations. 


IP strategy is among the most sensitive information a corporation handles. Tight control of this data is essential. Questions to be considered: 1.)Who has access to the data your vendor handles? 2.)Is the data stored in your country and on local servers? 3.)Where is the work being performed? 4.)Which specific individuals are performing the work? 5.)Are the software tools being used by your vendor accessible or visible to non-essential personnel? 6.) Are the software tools being used by your vendor maintained and controlled in your country? 7.)What security protocols are used throughout the vendor's company? These are all critical questions.


SIPI is fortunate to have access to some of the top internet security talent in the industry. Having subject matter experts performing work for the DOD has given us great insight into how best to handle sensitive data. We use NIST-certified solutions with the audit capabilities our clients expect. This solution maintains our security requirements while offering our clients easy integration, access, and use. This also allows us to meet requirements to maintain data in counties outside of the United States when our clients require us to do so, while keeping our security protocols consistent. Our portfolio mining software tools are created in-house and controlled by us on local servers. Our in-house team performs all of our testing and lab work. 


Our client base is composed primarily of Fortune 500 technology companies and law firms that demand the best talent available. We are fortunate to have a core group of 50+ subject matter experts, not hundreds or thousands, as many of our competitors advertise. Maintaining our incredibly high standards of excellence and data security with that model would be virtually impossible.


Each team member has the invention, technical analysis, licensing, litigation, and prosecution experience that enables a depth of understanding that can aid our clients' entire IP ecosystem, allowing us to maximize our client's ROI by redeploying the valuable data we generate. Building a team with this much depth has been a lengthy process. We add to the team on a very selective, client-driven, as-needed basis. Many of our experts have 30+ years of experience, making them genuinely multi-disciplinary.


If the workload requires additional resources beyond our current team, we have established an onboarding program developed over many years. The selection criteria for joining the SIPI team can be daunting. Still, experience has proven that it is the only way to ensure we exceed our client's expectations and maintain our security requirements. Our clients must authorize and approve any changes or additions to our engineering talent during a project. Each client has a dedicated SIPI program manager responsible for monitoring all communications and ensuring the timely completion of our assigned tasks.

Our CEO started building the team over 25 years ago. The early days were primarily semiconductor process and circuit RE. The team's technical experience now includes wireless hardware/software, systems hardware/software, networking hardware/software/security, cloud deployment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automotive hardware/software. 



Our primary lab location is in Silicon Valley. We have built our facility to have unique 24/7 remote capabilities providing our subject matter experts with unprecedented productivity. These round-the-clock capabilities have proven useful for our clients as well. There is no replacement for working with teams around the globe in real-time. All of our test benches have remote monitoring and control capabilities.


To enable these capabilities, we have a close working relationship with equipment providers like Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz, facilitating rapid equipment deployment if required. Anritsu is headquartered 3 miles from our facility. Their support to verify test bench development and access to their engineering talent has been critical for rapidly ramping up our ability to navigate unique testing challenges.


Rohde and Schwarz have a technical team 20 miles from the lab with a full complement of leading-edge equipment and support engineers. They continue to push the envelope in system functionality and interoperability. They have been critical in supporting the rapid deployment of test equipment.


We also have access to a complete semiconductor tear down lab outside of Austin, Texas, to perform any required circuit or process work. Our internal team manages those projects and operates that equipment, enabling us to continue the tight security requirements our clients demand. In that facility, much like our primary lab, our equipment operator works with our subject matter experts in real-time, facilitating rapid project decisions based on the data. We can stop at any point if the test data reveals unfavorable results, minimizing wasted time and cost.


Our processes are built around cost-effectiveness and ROI. We work hand in hand with our clients in a phased approach, enabling us to rapidly adjust each project on an as-needed basis to achieve actionable results. Our experience with many large technology companies over the years has given the team insight into how the data we generate for our clients may be helpful to them across the many disparate IP stakeholders that could benefit from the actionable data we generate. As an example, data that is generated for litigation purposes may be beneficial for licensing as well as prosecution purposes. We believe our clients should only pay once for that data. 



Encourage our team to be empathetic and compassionate to those around them while helping our clients make data-driven decisions based on indisputable technical research with an unmatched ROI.

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