Our team's technical experience includes wireless hardware/software, systems hardware/software, networking hardware/software, cloud deployment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, gaming hardware/software, and semiconductor process and circuits. 
It is our combination of expertise, analytics, and internal/external resource tools that differentiate our team. Each of our Subject Matter Expert team members has the invention, technical analysis, and prosecution experience that enables a depth of understanding that can aid our clients' entire IP ecosystem. Our processes are built around cost-effectiveness and ROI. We execute this by gaining a deep insight into our clients' needs and using these to inform every decision point in a project. Each decision point is then reviewed together with our clients to maximize the potential of the data we are generating.
Our lab is located in Silicon Valley. We bring in-house those functions that offer our clients the highest ROI. We deploy lab partners where the ROI would hurt our competitiveness. Our lab partners never know our client's identity and are directed by our internal teams to achieve their highly targeted tasks while not being exposed to any patents or proprietary data. 

Another key attribute to this diverse structure is the ability to rapidly ramp our resources to take on large projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.