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Standard Essential Patents

SEP research has always been challenging. Many of our team members have been involved in this type of research their entire careers. 

Our team is well-positioned to take on this task. Several of our subject matter experts participated in standards development in multiple technology areas, including networking and telecommunications.

With the advent of broad and diverse applications of technologies like 5G and the aspects of self-certification, essentiality determination is more challenging than ever. 

Our first step is to thoroughly research the technology standard in question. It may be possible to use publicly available documentation to determine essentiality or to discover evidence of use. If not, we are fortunate to have our own lab located in Silicon Valley that has proven critical to this process.

SEPs can be very difficult to observe and discover. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective and repeatable test process possible. As an example, if every mobile phone sold needed to be tested for SEP use, a highly repeatable and rapid test methodology is essential. 

Our team has developed many unique testing methods to generate evidence of use in technology areas that previously were exorbitantly expensive to discover. An example would be in the automotive space. This type of testing can be challenging when the technology in question is located in a $70,000 dollar car, and the system must be fully operational outside of the host vehicle. We have developed much lower-cost test benches to achieve this.

Example Standards Body Coverage

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