o Switching Hardware
o Power Over Ethernet
o Packet Flow
o Latency
o Virtual Machines
o Containerization
o Kubernetes
o Hybrid Cloud
o Software Defined Networking/Data Centers
o Standards Essentiality
o Audio Codecs
o Video Codecs
o Executable Software Analysis
o Network Security
o Cloud Management
o Cloud-based Communications
o Call Center Management

o Artificial Intelligence
o Machine/Deep Learning
o Augmented Reality
o Code Writing and Analysis
o Standards Essentiality
o Navigation Software 
o GPS System
o Optical System
o IR Sensor
o Audio Controller
o Flash Code Analysis
o 4G/5G Device and Software Analysis
o Standards Evidence of Use and Essentiality
Smart Phones/Pad Computers:
o 4G/5G Device and Software Analysis
o Graphics including PowerVR
o Embedded Software
o RF Data
o WiFi
o User Interface
o Antenna
o LED/OLED/QLED Construction & Control
o Touch Screen 

o Heat Dissipation
o Power Management
o Standards Essentiality
o Packaging
o Circuit
o Construction Analysis
o Embedded Code Extraction