Ethics Statement



By preserving the founding principles of integrity and fairness upon which Strategic IP Initiatives, Inc. was built, we strive to make our firm an entity that garners the admiration of our employees, clients, business associates and vendors. This statement embodies the corporate culture and ethics that define what one can expect in the behavior of our firm and our employees. It is equally important to us that our clients, business associates and suppliers exhibit a similar set of values.


Strategic IP Initiatives is dedicated to adhering to the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations that govern us.
We always do thorough conflict checks internally and we employ strict Non-Disclosure agreements with 100% of our service providers. All labs we work with also are held to the same standards, though we take extreme measures to not disclose the purpose of the work being performed or who the work is being performed for.
We will protect all confidential and proprietary information received from clients, suppliers, business associates and employees. Our principles of integrity and fairness extend to all areas of our operation including our billing and accounting practices, the quality of our client services and client satisfaction, employee wages and benefits, and our responsibilities to the community and our environment.


At Strategic IP Initiatives we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct relative to our
business activities. It is important to us that we are perceived as being a highly professional organization. To this end, we expect our employees to build and maintain a foundation of trust and respect in all endeavors. Our commitment to provide the best possible intellectual property support services ensures that our client’s interests always come first.


It is important to Strategic IP Initiatives that our Ethics Statement not be construed as just “good intentions”
but, rather, that it be seen as the words by which the firm actually conducts its business. To this end, our firm’s principles, ethics and code of conduct are published in the firm’s Employee Policy Manual and are reviewed with all Strategic IP Initiatives personnel.
Bruce Hollibaugh