SIPI Adds More New Team Members

This virus has caused untold harm and disruption to the entire globe. First of all we wish everyone the very best of luck as we all transition through this pandemic together. Here at SIPI we are fortunate that we have always had a distributed work force. We encourage all our our team members to remain vigilant to do their part to protect themselves as well as their families and friends. We have also been very fortunate that our labs are for the most part managed by single team members in facilities located in or very near their homes. This structure has given us the good fortune to experience no disruption for our clients and their projects. We manage team projects as we always have through the use of highly secure enterprise grade tools such as Cisco Webex video conferencing. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions at

SIPI Adds More New Team Members

This virus has caused untold harm and disruption to the entire globe. First of all we wish everyone the very best of luck as  company continues to assemble on the journey to create the most impactful team possible for our clients. Our CEO Mr. Hollibaugh adds"I am honored to have both of these gentleman as a part of the SIPI strategy team. I am truly excited to see where their many years of experience and fresh new ideas will take us". 


Jan Lezny spent over 10 years on the Qualcomm IP team. As a Vice President he worked closely with all aspects of IP Management. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. Jan can be reached at


Fas Mosleh also has an incredible IP background with VP stints at Hewlett Packard supporting the licensing and transaction teams as well as Juldee Innovations. Fas can be reached at

New Advisor Added to the Team

We are excited to announce Kelly Hale as IP Legal Advisor to the SIPI team. Mr. Hale has been in-house counsel for most of his career with 10+ years on the Broadcom IP team as well as 10 years on the Mindspeed team. Mr. Hale was integral to the licensing teams as well as fundamental to both companies patent prosecution strategies. Mr. Hollibaugh our CEO notes "to have this caliber of talent available for counsel is a game changer. I am excited about the new and dynamic prosecution support capabilities and services Kelly will add to our team".


Mr. Hale will be supporting the SIPI Strategy Directors as well as providing additional claim charting and patent prosecution insight to our Subject Matter Experts, helping everyone maximize the ROI SIPI can provide to their clients. Kelly can be reached at

New Software Tools Added to the SIPI Toolbox

The SIPI Software Tool Development Team is constantly on the lookout for new tools and functions to add to our core SIPI Mining and Landscape tools. The team is adding new search capabilities designed to help patent prosecution teams better understand the competitive landscape. If you would like to learn more about these new capabilities and how these powerful new tools can be used to help your Licensing and/or Prosecution teams please reach out to us at

SIPI Deploys Six Sigma Approach

The Six Sigma doctrine asserts that continuous efforts are used to achieve stable and predictable process results. Our business processes have characteristics that can be defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled. This takes an unwavering level of dedication. Achieving sustained quality improvement requires commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management. For more info please reach out to

SIPI Moving Toward NIST Certification Level 4

Achieving NIST Level 4 compliance has always been a goal of the SIPI CEO Bruce Hollibaugh. He states "very few in our industry really grasp the vulnerability landscape. We are trusted with very important data that must be secured at the highest level as well as all the way through the data chain. Please reach out to if you any questions.